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Telecom Solutions

Like every company, telcos and carriers analyze financial information from income statements, balance sheets, and cash flows. Hence, they need financial consolidation, planning and reporting solutions like any other industry.

But there the similarities end.

Network Monitoring and Planning

Few industries generate the sheer volume of raw data that network operators do. Every network element creates and caches an enormous variety of operational metrics, most of it vital to maintaining high levels of customer service and a healthy network, yet most of it is underutilized because of the difficulty in providing useful analysis.

Operating large circuit-switched networks handling huge call volumes requires careful monitoring. Although most operators have advanced network management applications, these rarely provide the advanced analytics required to truly probe and understand usage patterns, root causes of outages and volume growth trends. The data generated by switches regarding successful calls, dropped calls, busy signals and call durations, all measured against expected metrics and carefully trended across hourly, daily and weekly time bands can be extremely useful in timing purchases and upgrades to your network. Equivalent metrics about packet size, hops, losses and re-transmission from the routers and optical transport elements of packet-switched networks can be similarly analyzed using Profisee's multi-dimensional solutions.

Campaign Planning & Effectiveness

A particularly rewarding application of analytics for network operators is in the analysis of product sales by market sectors, tracked across time and with a breakdown of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns to acquire new customers and/or to increase usage of existing rate plans.

For example, many LD carriers use analytics to plan and monitor the effectiveness of campaigns designed to switch residential long distance plans. Factor in customer retention and average revenue per subscriber and the true effectiveness of the campaign can be measured. Customer retention is also an important driver for allocating future marketing dollars—the ability to prove the viability of every campaign dollar based on the probability of acquiring new customers or increasing marginal revenue is crucial. Whether the services you are selling involve residential, small business or large corporations, analytics will help you plan with proven effectiveness and maximize revenues from each marketing dollar you spend.

Customer Satisfaction

Your company already collects vast volumes of customer satisfaction data. Is it being analyzed to maximum advantage? Does it ever become information, or better yet, knowledge that helps you understand your customer base? Are you seeing satisfaction trends across time, geography and business segments? Are you going to spot the product the market is waiting for before your competitor does?

Profisee's analytical solutions accept real-time input of customer satisfaction data and provide real-time output of satisfaction information, helping managers and executives see the context of the data in order to make more effective decisions.


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