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Profisee provides solutions to a wide spectrum of industries, including financial services, manufacturing, retail and telecom. Our experience has shown that significant similarities exist in applications that serve a given industry, as well as across many planning, budgeting and forecasting applications. These core capabilities have been incorporated into our solution set, which is then tailored to fit your own unique business model and specialized market segment.

Each Profisee solution is designed to fit and augment your company's unique strengths and business processes. The structure of your organization, the products you sell, the customers you sell them to, your marketing and operations processes, and the workflow connecting your enterprise together—these unique factors form the core of your competitive advantage. Profisee ensures these unique qualities are leveraged and reinforced by the solutions we provide.

Please explore one of our established vertical industries in more detail, or contact us to discuss the challenges you face in your own industry and how Profisee can help you make dramatic improvements in your business.

Financial Services
Our solutions help financial organizations manage branch-level planning for thousands of branches, address complex consolidations & allocations, and analyze cost & profitability metrics. >>
Whether legacy MRP systems or modern ERP applications like SAP, Profisee's analytic solutions are a perfect complement to the transaction-oriented production planning systems that run manufacturing. >>
Effectively address the diverse patterns that develop at the intersection of store channels, product portfolios, geography, seasonality and inventory levels. >>
Few industries generate the sheer volume of raw data that network operators do. Leverage this data for more efficient operations and more effective sales & marketing. >>



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