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IBM Cognos TM1 offers agile, self-service analysis and optimization of large, complex data sets with real-time response.

IBM Cognos TM1 software offers a real-time approach to consolidating, viewing and editing volumes of complex multidimensional data. It delivers improved budgeting, planning and "what-if" scenario modeling, plus unmatched abilities to analyze profitability, sales mix and price/volume variance.

  • Improve your budgeting, planning, analytics and "what-if" scenario modeling
  • Create rolling forecasts to anticipate changing business conditions
  • Analyze profitability, sales mix, and price/volume variance
  • Optimize large, highly complex, rapidly changing data sets with real-time response
  • High performance, real-time, read-write capabilities

IBM Cognos TM1 has received some of the industry's highest ratings for helping organizations drive better business decisions, with faster implementation times and lower IT costs.


With the TM1 solution’s deep analysis capabilities, you can validate your planning assumptions and meet the dynamic needs of your organization with a fact-based approach to the planning process. The high-performance engine at the core of TM1 empowers users to perform analysis on frequently changing data across millions of items, such as SKUs or transactions. You can review sales daily, or even hourly, by store, brand or representative or analyze day-by-day profitability across thousands or millions of customer accounts. With the power of OLAP 64-bit technology to meet even the most complex, multi-dimensional analytics needs of large-scale operations, you can query data whenever you need to—no matter how vast the data set may be.


TM1 adapts to your planning and forecasting processes and rapidly incorporates best practices such as driver-based planning and rolling forecasts. Because TM1 provides a single high-performance environment, every component is integrated. All business rules, data and metadata are shared across the applications so your teams work with only one set of rules and data for linked models. IBM Cognos TM1 provides self-sufficiency for users along with solid security to ensure data accuracy and integrity. With TM1, your financial executives, planners, controllers and other business managers can change input values—even business models—and recalculate them on-the-fly. So your organization can reset plans to attack business problems immediately, rather than wait hours to make changes.

To rapidly access valuable information locked away in back-office applications, IBM Cognos TM1 also provides data orchestration with pre-built tools such as an SAP Connector and the IBM Cognos TM1 Turbo Integrator. These data integration tools streamline the loading of disparate data. Users can also create their own processes to automate data importation, metadata management and other tasks.


Because market agility requires an expandable performance management solution, IBM Cognos TM1 is readily adaptable for high levels of participation, enabling you to develop timeframe appropriate plans and to work with high data volumes. You can engage hundreds of operational managers—not just those from Finance—in a collaborative process using guided applications and rich workflows. With a choice of Excel and Web for both business users and power users, you can take advantage of all users’ existing skills, which means minimal training and minimal IT assistance.

With components such as Excel add-ins (IBM Cognos TM1 Perspectives) and the ability to publish spreadsheets to the Web via TM1 Web, users can configure their own applications, maintain data and generate reports quickly and easily.

IBM Cognos TM1 Features

Enhance your Planning and Analytics performance management processes with:

  • Performance – 64-bit, patented, in-memory OLAP for enterprise scalability and real-time scenario modeling to facilitate enterprise-wide planning and analysis
  • Full Scorecard and Report Integration – Because TM1 is a component of the IBM Cognos 8 platform, an array of other solutions can be added for more complete, enterprise performance management: management and financial reporting, consolidations, analysis, scorecards and dashboards, event detection and notification
  • Security – Role-based security to support multiple users and user types
  • TM1’s “Active Forms” – Rich navigation for building analysis and planning templates in Excel or on the Web; a range of capabilities for power users and end-users includes drill up and down, Action Buttons for navigation and process integration
  • Excel Formatting on the Web – All planners and stakeholders can read, write, perform what-if analysis and report with Excel sheets right on the Web—with all of Excel’s familiar formatting and graphing capabilities
  • Administrative Tools – Easy administration with utilities for managing server performance and role-based access
  • Global Support – Full Unicode support means IBM Cognos TM1 version 9.4 accommodates expanded string lengths beyond 255 characters; includes language support for Japanese and simplified Chinese
  • Personalized home pages, workflow and context-driven reports
  • Integration with preferred desktop applications

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