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Introducing IBM Cognos Express

IBM Cognos Express is the first and only integrated, one-stop BI and planning solution purpose-built to meet the needs of midsize companies. It delivers all the essential reporting, analysis, dashboard, scorecard and planning capabilities that midsize companies need at a price they can afford. Everything is included in a pre-configured solution that makes it easy to install, easy to use and easy to buy.

More importantly, IBM Cognos Express provides midsize companies with consistent, reliable information to answer three critical business questions.

  • How are we doing?
  • Why?
  • What should we be doing?

Using these insights, managers can make better, faster decisions to drive greater efficiencies, reduce costs and identify new growth opportunities.

IBM Cognos Express helps businesses to:

  • Manage costs and improve efficiency by providing consistent, reliable information throughout a company
  • Find new opportunities and trends through self-service analysis
  • Deliver better customer service with improved insight into customers gained through accurate reporting
  • Drive profitability and revenue growth by optimizing and transforming a business with integrated planning, analysis and reporting
  • Take quick corrective action by easily modifying plans, forecasts and budgets, and by creating new "what-if" business scenarios
  • Be more productive immediately with a pre-configured BI and planning solution purpose-built for midsize companies.

IBM Cognos Express is a complete solution for business intelligence and planning. Purchase it in its entirety or start with the specific capabilities needed today with an easy growth path toward the future. You now have the freedom to think big, start small, start anywhere.

Get to know IBM Cognos Express

IBM Cognos Express Xcelerator

  • Excel-based planning and business analysis
  • Extends and transforms the familiar Excel front-end with a powerful in-memory analytics engine; perfectly suited for multidimensional analysis and strategic planning tasks, enabling a new level of insight and action, as well as speed
    • Build and test business scenarios with powerful "what if" modeling; update plans immediately using write-back capabilities
  • Take advantage of existing Excel skills and investments while overcoming the risks and limitations of spreadsheet-only processes

IBM Cognos Express Reporter

  • Self-service reporting and ad hoc query
  • Empowers business users to access, modify or create reports quickly and easily; meets all of a midsize company's reporting needs with a self-service design that helps reduce the cost and time needed to share information throughout an organization
    • Delivers the full breadth of reporting capabilities, including financial, production, operational, transactional, managed or ad hoc reports
    • Provides a complete, consistent view of information throughout a company so users work with the same accurate data at all times
    • Offers flexible reporting capabilities and access to all corporate data in any combination for comprehensive, accurate reporting

IBM Cognos Express Advisor

  • Freeform analysis and visualization
  • Gives business users and analysts at midsize companies the ability to quickly analyze complex data and easily share business insights with high-impact visualization; its write-back capabilities enable users to take immediate action for the most effective business outcomes
    • Includes a fast and powerful in-memory analytics server that quickly connects to operational data sources and creates a dimensional view of your business
    • Uses simple drill-down and drill-up capabilities and flexible graphic displays to analyze key areas, such as customers, products and geographies
    • Provides freeform analysis of any combination of data, which eliminates reliance on overstretched IT resources
    • Provides flexible delivery throughout the company using intuitive Web-based dashboards and interactive reports that encourage wide user adoption

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